9 March 2011 Dinner News – Sendai, Japan

09 Mar

Earthquakes Cluster in Northern Japan

Looking past the Iron Chefs and local Sushi parlors that have become part of the suburban experience around the world, take a night to visit the mountains and shore of Iwate Prefecture and bring the culture of rural Japan to your dinner table. This prefecture is known for it’s bountiful harbors, beautiful mountains, and soba noodle eating competitions:

A Trip to Iwate (Iwate Prefecture Tourism Portal Site)
Iwate Photos (Trek Earth)
Various foods from mountains and villages – Morioka, Iwate (Adventure Japan)

When planning a fundraiser for the victims or explaining to your children what life is like in the effected area consider some of the following dishes or hosting your own dinner table Wanko Soba competition. {Updated 11 March 2011 after 2nd round of earthquakes}

Host your own Wanko Soba competition

Wanko Soba

When eating at a noodle shop in this prefecture you can purchase a set number of small bowls with individual servings of soba noodles and a variety of condiments that vary per restaurant.  You may also choose to have a competition at your table as seen in the above picture.

Wearing the apron and winning the competition – remember that 15 bowls of Wanko is equal to 1 bowl at a regular soba shop

Miso Soup – step by step instructions with good photos and condiment suggestions for Miso in general.

Condiments – Tuna-Sashimi (raw fish). chicken or mushrooms with grated radish, grated yam, thin slivers of dried seaweed, green onion slices are among the options but the selection is almost limitless!



Lamb or mutton  dish cooked on a unique BBQ bucket (coals on the bottom, cooking surface on top) very similar to the Americanized Mongolian BBQ.


Udon noodles with a bean sauce and silky tofu on the side.

Morioka Reimen Noodles

Korean noodle served in a cold soup with beef, kimchi, cucumber, boiled egg, and a piece of fruit.

Side Dishes

Sendai Salad

Featuring either local vegetables or raw fish this sesame / soy salad can take several different forms and be prepared with your own local seasonal ingredients

Sendai Salad Dressing Recipe

Sendai Sesame Vegetable Salad

Yasai Soba Salad

Cold noodles with small piles of grated carrot, cucumber and bonito on top.



There are over 300 varieties of Mochi with both savory and sweet varieties being offered through out the area… there is even a Mochi shop on the train platform!

Ohagi (Botamochi) – Spring celebration sweet mochi

Zunda Mochi – Soybean covered mochi

Gomasuri Dango

Black Sesame Paste Dumplings


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