13 March 2011 – Bahrain

13 Mar

An Island in Protest

The focus on protests in Bahrain has come and gone in the last month, but today the activities turned violent:

Guardian Headline on Bahrain Protests

World watches as Bahrain continues to churn.

Many news outlets covered the ongoing tensions between the royal family, the citizens, and growing interest from the government of Saudi Arabia:

Bahrain unrest: Manama erupts in violence (BBC)
Bahrain protesters block roads, royals push for talks (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
More than 800 injured in Bahrain political clashes (USA Today)
Bahrain protests reignited (Guardian UK)

Bahrain is a sharply divided country.  It is the playground for the rich, but currently has a high unemployment rate.  The majority of the country is Muslim with a Sunni royal family ruling over ~66% Shia population (Wikipedia).  To help discuss this island nation here are some recipes of common dishes you might find in restaurants in the capital of Manama:


Machboos – Rice and protein dish with saffron and spices. Some are saucier while others have stuffing.

Kuwaiti Machboos Lahem Ma’a Dakkous (Lamb,
Chicken & Brown Rice Machboos Recipe (
Traditional Shrimp Machboos (

Side Dish

Sambousas – pastries filled with meat and cheese or sugar and nuts.

Khubz – large flatbread like Pita or Naan made in an domed oven and cooked by being slapped onto the oven wall. Link includes images and video rather than just a recipe as the word is Arabic for “bread”.


Muhammar – made of brown rice and sugar or dates.

Halwa – Sticky dessert filled with spices and nuts.

When the meal is done don’t forget to thank you host with a shake of your cup:

“When you’re done with the last nip of your drinks, gently shake the cup as practiced by many coffee drinkers and you’ll be surprised of the constant refills. Most of the hosts in Bahrain shall be well-satisfied after they serve you their drink delights. Hence, hardly forget to shake your cup once you have sipped the last content of your coffee to show that you have appreciated the taste of coffee and the other served drinks.”
Bahrain Food & Drink

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