21 March 2011 Dinner News – Twitter Birthday Meal

21 Mar

Here are some resources to help you plan, manage, and diversify your meals with the help of Twitter.

Kid Friendly Meal Planning

Super Healthy Kids Twitter Profile

Super Healthy Kids
(@healthykids facebook blog)

“Teaching parents and kids how to eat better, feel better, and live longer”

Meal planning suggestions and downloads for the whole family.  Amy offers great variety posts (5 ways to cook carrots), photos of family activities (today’s post is a kid’s herb garden), and even a glimpse into her personal planner!

One Family One Meal (@amandahaascooks facebook website)

“To help you create easy, organic, family friendly meals on a budget.”

Providing 6 new recipes and a weekly shopping guide this is great place to build a library of healthy options.

Announcement Account for Blogs and Websites

Frugal Village Twitter ProfileFrugal Village (@frugalvillage facebook website)

Frugal Living columnist Sara Noel uses twitter as an announcement board for her Frugal Village community site.  The website has lots of great tips and recipes and an active forum with a weekly meal planning thread.  The Facebook profile provides great links to articles and products around the web, not just announcements of her website’s activities.

Significantly Simple (@EcoDivasCanada facebook blog)

“Significantly Simple is a site that helps you to live a simple but significant life.”

Significantly Simple uses both Twitter and Facebook as announcement boards, but they do interact with folks on Facebook with many of the featured products posting to the wall. They are a pair of super organized mom’s with a weekly rhythm to their posts:

You’ll find great posts about the environment underTree Hugging Tuesdays.Wordy Wednesdays are dedicated to the written word – anything we find that might be beneficial to you – be it online, magazines, or books – under any topic.  Anything goes.  We are as busy as you are, and every week we discover cool stuff.  These things will be found under Friday Finds.

The Simple Skillet (@simpleskillet facebook website)

“Our goal at The Simple Skillet is to make mealtime simple and delicious, and also keep good nutrition in mind.”

Visually oriented site that provides a great diversity of meal plan suggestions (kid friendly, Low Carb, Vegetarian and others), beautiful recipes, and the ability to create a custom plan. They have uploaded some of the plans’ photos into albums on Facebook and scrolling through the plans on the web site is a feast for the eyes.


Food On The Table Twitter Profile

Food on the Table
(@foodonthetable facebook website)

“Create a meal plan for your family using chef-approved recipes that everyone will like.
We find the sales at your neighborhood supermarket so you don’t have mess with the circular.
Get in and out of the store easily with a grocery list organized by department.”

They offer both web and iPhone application versions.  Their twitter account was used to promote free limo rides during SxSW and is slowly going back to whatever it was before, but considering they are located in Austin (home of SxSW) how cool is it  that they provided rides to the party goers!!

They are very interactive with users in their Facebook site and are getting good news buzz over the variety of grocery stores and ease of use.

Meals Matter (@mealsmatter facebook website)

“Meals Matter promotes nutrient-rich food choices from all five food groups, and strives to equip family meal preparers with the tools and resources they need to make meal planning decisions that lead to better health.

The site is maintained by the Dairy Council of California, a state government entity that is funded by California’s dairy producers and processors.

Registered dietitians on staff write the nutrition articles and develop the online tools that guide users through all phases of meal planning: meal calendars, pantry creation, recipes, shopping lists, and more. Nutrition content reflects current science and well-accepted national guidelines for healthy eating”

On Twitter and Facebook this organization gives a mix of informative re-tweets, new news about the tool, links to user blogs, recipes that can be found in the tool and meal suggestions. The website offers tools for every phase of meal deciding including a pantry list to job your memory and help build your shopping list. 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

This post is part of my homework for Day 2 – Create a List Post in the free daily program offered at the above link.  I am not an affiliate, if you buy the e-book associated with the e-mail instructions I don’t get a cut :-)!

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