World Water Day 2011 ~ Baltic Sea Day

22 Mar
World Water Day 2011

Tour the Baltic from your Dinner Table

Tonight is both World Water Day and Baltic Sea Day in Russia.  When I have thought of the Baltic I have thought of borscht, not windmills.  There is a rich diversity along this coastline to bring to your dinner table:

The Meal


Estonia – Taidetud Vasikarind – Stuffed shoulder of veal.

Poland – Zrazy Losos i Krab – Salmon and crab pinwheels.

Sweden – fiskgryta – Fish stew with celeriac, leeks, tomatoes, shrimp and fish fillet.

Russia – Kaliningrad – Konigsberger Klopse – Meatballs and potatoes in a cream sauce.

Side Dish

Latvia – Saldskaaba Maize – Sourdough rye bread.

Lithuania – Lasineciai – Bacon onion buns.

Germany – Beet Relish


Finland – Pannukakku – Baked pancake.

Denmark – Rødgrød med Fløde – Red berry pudding with cream.

Russia – St. Petersburg – Sirniki – Cheese pancakes served with jam.

The View

Virtual Tour of the Eastern Baltic – beautiful coastline photo tour.

Digital Tallinn – Walk the capital of Estonia with a super cute animated interface.

John & Alex’s Travels – Motorcycle tour of the Baltic coast by friends from Baltimore.

Baltic Postcards – The travels of a Dutch gentleman living in Latvia.

Save Our Baltic Organization

A multi-national effort is underway to clean the region.

The Chatter

Save our Baltic Sea – An international media project about the Baltic Sea environment.

St. Petersburg Environmental Week – Russian conference including XII International Environmental Forum “Baltic Sea Day”.

Baltic Sea Day in Karlskrona – Swedish conference in September to address environmental issues in the Baltic Sea.

Nations Finally Move to Clean Up World’s Most Polluted Sea – Report from last month on the multi-national effort to restore the balance in the Baltic Sea.

Surfrider Foundation WWD Page – Information on National Fix a Leak Week and the use of water around the world.

(Pink Drop photo is the work of Deeepa Praveen and is used under Creative Commons License)

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