30 March 2011 Dinner News – Cricket World Cup

30 Mar

India Wins The Match
Both Countries Come Out Winners

Homemade Chicken Shawarma

Pakistan and India played each other in the Cricket World Cup with India winning the match, but both countries coming out winners as relations between the counties appear to be thawing.

Adapted from Chicken Shawarma at See the  28 March Dinner News – Pakistan & India post for side dish and dessert suggestions to accompany this grab and go meal.


Make the Tahini

Making tahini isn’t as straight forward as you would think.  Just trying to grind up sesame seeds leaves you with more husk than paste.  This recipe is for a saucy version and not a “store for later” stiffer mix.


Build Marinade

Marinade and Saute


Sauce and Veggies

Build the Sandwich

Lessons Learned

The pitas were purchased at the end of the day and were probably already a day old. We have a middle eastern store just up the street, but this was not a good pita day.

Tomatoes are not in season now and the hot house / imported ones at the store looked terrible.  They were missed.

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One response to “30 March 2011 Dinner News – Cricket World Cup

  1. Eftychia

    3 April 2011 at 14:18

    This dish looks delicious. It reminds me of our gyros in pitta bread. Thanks for sharing!


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