2 April 2011 Dinner News – NCAA Final Four

02 Apr


Frito Pie and Corn Chowder for the NCAA Finals

Bring Tex-Mex and Indiana Corn Fields to your NCAA Party

The Meal

Houston is chili, potatoes, and Mexican chocolate while Indianapolis is corn, tomato and pork country.  Bring these cuisines together to celebrate both the Men’s (M) and Women’s (W) Final Four games this weekend.


(W) Pork Tenderloin Sandwich – It may sound plain, but it even has a cult following.

(M) Pork Chili with Tomatoes – from the Cosmos Cafe in Houston. We had this for dinner last night and found it to be light and tasty… step by step post coming soon!

(M) Woolworths Frito Pie – Lunch counter version of the portable favorite… buy Fritos in individual bags and have party guest build the pie in the bag for a tailgate feel.

Side Dish

(M) Texas Beef Council Side Dishes – +20 salad and potato suggestions straight from the cow.

(W) Indiana Corn Casserole – Baked corn and veggie goodness.

(W) Indiana Corn Chowder –  Creamy bacon goodness with plenty of veggies and potatoes.


(W) Traditional Indiana Persimmon Pudding – baked dish in the British style of “pudding.”

(M)  Mascarpone-Nut Flautas with Mexican Chocolate Sauce – Part of the collection of Tortilla Dessert recipes.

(W) Ivy House Indiana Sugar Cream Pie – the sugar cookie of pies.

(W) Popcorn – Orville Redenbacher is from Indiana 🙂

The View

(M) Houston, Texas

Houston Gallery of Photos – Four sets covering historic, sporting and other cultural sites.

City of Houston – Official town home page photo gallery

(W) Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana Fairs & Festivals

Persimmon Festival

Combined Final Four Logos

Weekend Long Festivities at Both Venues

The Chatter

Surf through these sites to get ideas of what is planned for people attending and add some local customs to your festivities.

Men’s Final Four

Official Site

Cheap & Free Final Four Events in Houston

Official Fan Zones and Special Events

Women’s Final Four

Official Site

2011 Women’s Final Four fan events

Events Galore for the Women’s Final Four


Creative Commons Share Alike

(Corn Chowder taken by simplefoodrecipes, 02 Madeline’s Frito Pie taken by jasonlam and both used under Creative Commons)

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