Snacking Saturday – Hawaiian Potato Mac

09 Apr
Potato Mac

Fusion of Macaroni and Potato Salad... with Cucumber

Last month’s volcano post (7 March 2011 Dinner News – Hawaiian Volcano) suggested a home luau that included this Potato-Mac Salad recipe from Aloha World.

The weather is starting to turn from hearth-side to picnic here so I gave this a try to rave reviews!



I usually boil my potatoes after dicing, but this made it easier to keep them crisp and smooth. Nothing ruins a picnic like mealy spuds!

Dice and Peel

Dice and Peel Vegetables


Boil Egg and Macaroni

To speed things up and use less pans I boil my macaroni with my eggs when making my regular macaroni salad recipe.  At my elevation my eggs take 10 minutes and this pasta takes 5 so I put the pasta in half way.  If you rinse your pasta with room temperature water until it cools it won’t stick too awful bad… or add a couple of drops of mayo or olive oil. I like the cooling method since it makes the end salad easier to mix.


Vinegar, Sugar, and Vegetables

When I mix my vinegar into my potatoes they are usually right out of the boiling water and absorb the vinegar quickly.  These took awhile, but it made it easier to coat with the sugar and them mix in the onion, celery, and cucumber.


Mayo, Pepper, and Macaroni

More Mayonnaise

Egg, Mayonnaise and ChillYou can’t add too much mayonnaise… really… it will absorb into the potatoes as it chills.  If you are making the day before be sure to check on the bowl at least an hour before you want to serve. If you need more mayonnaise the hour will help it work into the salad and not over power the subtle flavors

Lessons Learned

This was too bland for us.  We like a tablespoon or so of a strong mustard in our potato salad and missed it from this recipe.

A different shape of macaroni might have worked better.  The elbows were the same size as the diced potatoes so they didn’t really stick out much in the texture or flavor. If we were still in Seattle I would snag some lime or Italian spiced pasta at the Public Market, but we don’t have a pasta shop here in Ohio.


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