14 April 2011 Dinner News – Ivory Coast Sole

14 Apr

Celebrate a Country on the Rebound

Bacon Wrapped Fish

Cheesy Mild Fish on a Bed of the Rice of Your Choice

With the former President in custody and the country starting to get back to normal (Ivory Coast settles into tentative peace following arrest of Laurent Gbagbo) we spent the evening enjoying a great twist on fish and rice with this adaptation of Filets de soles a la sauce au wisky . The dish went together quickly, cleaned up easily and is something we will put into our regular fish rotation.

In the 11 March 2011 Dinner News – Ivory Coast post you will find a wide variety of side dishes and desserts to accompany this entrée.



Fresh fish is a hard thing to find here.  Everything is flash frozen and then thawed when placed in the display case.  I buy IQF now since it’s frozen once and stays frozen.  When the weather gets better we will start wandering North to get fresh off the boat.


Stack Fish on Bacon


Mix the Sauce Together

The original recipe calls for crème fraîche and plain whiskey but sour cream and Grand Marnier were both in my pantry and who can pass on citrus and sour with fish.


Shape Rolls and Skewer

There was enough length to the bacon to wrap all the way around the fish and catch both ends on the skewers. Forming the rolls is a messy matter, but

Silpat and Bake


Parchment would have worked under the rolls or even a grill (oh weather please get better!) but be sure that you have a lip on your pan and not just a cookie sheet.  I used a convection toaster oven and only needed 12 minutes to cook, but your oven and number of rolls will vary wildly so proceed with caution and let the bacon be your guide.

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