16 April 2011 Dinner News – Nigerian Election Day

16 Apr
Jollof Rice with Plantains and Salad

Jollof Rice with Plantains and Salad

Today is the dawning of a new era in Nigeria – Presidential elections with independent observers and country rich in natural resources ready to turn the page on decades of mis-management and greed.  It may not get the bandwidth that the Middle East commands, but let us all hope that it doesn’t need it. Many invading cultures and the influence of regional tribes make this a colorful and flavorful way to bring the news to your dinner table.

The Menu


Plantains and Eggs Revisited – Shrimp and Persimmons bring a tasty twist

Egusi Soup – Made with the seeds of the unique Egusi melon.  Pumpkin seeds can not be used as an alternative. Palm oil and crayfish make this dish an adventurous dish for a typical American pantry.

Suya – Peanut crusted beef kabob.

Pepper Soup – Offers African spice mix with mega mart substitutes for a combination that can be found by a home cook.  The recipe also calls for ground crayfish which our local Asian market carries.

Tuwo shinkafa or Masari with Gbergiri Stew – Mashed rice or corn served as a side to locust bean stew.

Side Dish

Funkaso – Millet pancakes that soften this hard grain with a 4 hour rest and can be served with a main or as dessert with honey.

Vegetarian Jollof Rice – Mild tomato and vegetable rice dish.


Peanut Fool – Custard with whipped cream or meringue.

Chin Chin – Doughnut in the shape of a bow that may have nutmeg, caraway or orange rind in the mix.

Dun Dun – Fried yam slices

The View

Piga Picha’s Photo Blog – Collection of street views

Motherland Nigeria – City and country pictures from around the country.

Nigeria travel Guide (World Travels) – View as single photos or slide show people and places from a variety of travelers.

The Chatter

Nigerians out in force for presidential vote (Yahoo! – Reuters) – Overview article giving facts and figures of the scope and fears of the country.

New Hope for Nigeria (Time) – Background on economic revitalization and stalemates in the 50 years of freedom in the 7th largest country, by population, in the world.

Nigerian police and general elections (Daily Independent Nigerian) – Opinion article by a freelance journalist calling for people to report incidents to the police and election officials with an interesting local voice.

(Jollof Rice taken by secretlondon123 and used by Creative Commons)

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One response to “16 April 2011 Dinner News – Nigerian Election Day

  1. Peggy

    17 April 2011 at 13:55

    Sounds like some great meals get eaten during this time! Great info!


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