National Egg Salad Week – Bauernsalat

28 Apr

Welcome to a week-long celebration of all things egg… peel back the shells and enjoy some new ways to have an egg-cellent meal.

Monday – Dessert First – Cadbury Deviled Eggs
Tuesday – Devilish Dishes – Inside Out Deviled Eggs
Wednesday – Entrée Entries – Scotch Eggs
Thursday – Global Ovals – Bauernsalat
Friday – Tour d’ America – Pittsburgh Maurice Salad

Light spices and thin sauce let the diverse flavors shine.

Light spices and thin sauce let the diverse flavors shine.

The original author had this German Farmer’s Salad (Bauernsalat) on Christmas Eve while visiting her mother.  Try and make this at least a day ahead as the sauce was very light, not even noticeable the first day, but on the second day it melds into a nice balance. I was able to find imported German bologna at my local Wal-Mart Superstore, but not my local grocery store or butcher shop. This is a very large recipe and could easily be split down several times.




Dice bologna, gouda and onions


Combine Liquids Into SauceThe sauce contains 1 tablespoon of pickle liquid so choose your pickle carefully.  I used a Polish Dill and it overpowered the mustard and yogurt.


Dice, hold and drain apples when ready to mix


Add all salad parts, season with salt and pepper, then add dressing


Slice and add egg last, folding gently

Lessons Learned

Granny Smith apples were not the best choice.  The tartness clashed with the dill pickles.  A firm sweet apple would have been better.

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