2 May 2011 Dinner News – Abbottabad, Pakistan

02 May

Grab a roti or two and enjoy a spicy meal in the green foothills of Pakistan.

Like our own West Point, the main Army training college of Pakistan is located in a lush green rural suburb of a major metropolitan area. The images flooding the news tonight show one neighborhood in one district and there is much more to the people of Abbottabad.  The food offerings are internationally diverse and provide for everything from pizza delivery to fine French dining.

Tonight we take another look at the cuisine of Pakistan (28 March Dinner News – Pakistan & India) with an eye toward the cultural imports rather than just neighboring similarities.

The Menu

Islamabad and it’s suburbs are very commercialized areas.  Driving through the restaurant district you would be greeted by Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway, and a variety of local Chinese and Italian locations. The native cuisine has the influence of vibrant fruits and spices with the dominance of chicken a whole wheat in this region.


Chicken Karahi – Fresh ginger and green chilies create a unique taste from other chicken dishes with garam masala.

Murgh Mussallam – Yogurt marinade is topped off with a rub of fried spices before a whole chicken is baked in the oven inside of a foil packet.

Coronation Chicken – Apricot, honey, lemon and yogurt for a different kind of sweet and sour curry.

Side Dish

Chapati Roti – Whole wheat flat-bread similar to a tortilla used in place of utensils during many meals.

Vegetable Fritters – Curry spiced fritters with a yogurt based salsa.

Trirangi Bhat Tri-flavor Rice –  Jalapeno, peas and spices.


Shahi Tukra – Creamy bread pudding that calls for Jaggery, a hard cane or palm sugar block, Mix 1 C dark brown sugar + 2 teaspoons molasses if you can not find a cone in a specialty store.

Chocolate Crunch Ice Cream – Custard based chocolate with chocolate chips made in the freezer and not an ice cream maker.

Gur Walay Chaval – Raisin and nut rice dessert dish without the pudding.

St Luke, Abbottabad, Pakistan

St Luke's is one of several churches in this diverse valley.

The View

With all of the news running animations and Google map views on a continuous loop it would be easy to overlook the green hills and architecture of a corner of the world

Abbottabad Travel Blogs – Three accounts (2007, 2008 & 2009) of individual travels through the region of Northwest Pakistan.

City of Pines (Virtual Tour) – Video overview of the city and surrounding area that was having bandwidth challenges when I tried to get through the entire presentation, but worth a visit during off hours.

Image Gallery of Abbottabad – Architecture, public buildings and green hills in a gallery at  This site also includes a good description of the 7 tribes that live in the area.

Creative Commons(Roti taken by Umair Mohsin and Church In Abbottabad taken by Shaun D Metcalfe away in Thailand and used by Creative Commons)

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