Cinco de Mayo Dinner News – France vs. Mexico

05 May
Stewed Beef, Mexican Rice, and a Bolio

Celebrate Mexico's triumph with dishes the French left behind.

The Menu

Today marks the victory of Mexico over the French but is often celebrated with Tex~Mex classics.  Change it up this year and bring the wonderful baked goods, cream sauces, and squash blossoms to your dinner table or margarita party.


Crepas de Flor de Calabaza – Crepes filled with squash blossoms and covered in a poblano cream sauce.

Memelas with Queso Fresco and Charred Tomato Sauce – Small hand-made tortilla disks with seasoned tomatoes and cheese.

Tinga – Fried chicken tortilla rolls.


Guisado de chambarete –  Stewed beef in potato, corn and chayote.

Pollo Poblano – Chicken in a poblano cream sauce.

Side Dishes

Boleo / Bolillos – French style bread served as an individual small loaf or a large wide baguette style can be found throughout Mexico.

Mexican Rice III – Not from the French influenced era of Mexican cuisine… but handy to learn that toasted rice and a tomato style sauce differs from the saffron and peas that you would find in Spanish rice.


Pan De Muerto – Sugar coated orange and anise bread.

Corn Muffin Churros – Easy way to make these fried donuts without starting from pure scratch.

The Chatter

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at these 5 great Mexican spots in Hong Kong – pictures and descriptions of street and sit down options half a world away from the site of the original celebrations.

The Other Cinco de Mayo Cocktails – bright and fruity alternatives to the same ole’ margaritas


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