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4 April 2011 Dinner News – Afghanistan

Qabili Palau

My first Qabili Palau was a tasty comfort meal

Several disturbing events have occurred over the past weekend surrounding the burning of a Koran in the US… the killing of UN workers in Afghanistan… and the escalating violence of a few in spite of the understanding of far away cultures by the many.  Tonight we will be taking a meal to try to better understand the culture of Afghanistan.  Please join us and share your favorite dishes or memories in the comments.

The Menu


Qabili Palau – The national dish is made from rice, carrots, nuts and spices. The many variation are described in’s article on How To Eat Qabili Palau. traditionally made of mutton, but this recipe switches over to chicken.

Aushak – scallion dumplings served with meat sauce and garlic yogurt.

Afghan Chicken Korma – mild onion and chicken stew.

Side Dish

Nan – Flatbread that is about 1.5 feet long and baked in a clay oven similar to Indian and African breads.

Salaata – Cucumber and vegetable salad.

Chatni Gashneez – Coriander chutney perfect for any grilled meat.


Kadhoo Halwa – Butternut squash and almond dish cooked to a fudge-like consistency. Listed at the end of a good article on the culture of Afghan cuisines.

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