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2 May 2011 Dinner News – Abbottabad, Pakistan


Grab a roti or two and enjoy a spicy meal in the green foothills of Pakistan.

Like our own West Point, the main Army training college of Pakistan is located in a lush green rural suburb of a major metropolitan area. The images flooding the news tonight show one neighborhood in one district and there is much more to the people of Abbottabad.  The food offerings are internationally diverse and provide for everything from pizza delivery to fine French dining.

Tonight we take another look at the cuisine of Pakistan (28 March Dinner News – Pakistan & India) with an eye toward the cultural imports rather than just neighboring similarities.

The Menu

Islamabad and it’s suburbs are very commercialized areas.  Driving through the restaurant district you would be greeted by Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway, and a variety of local Chinese and Italian locations. The native cuisine has the influence of vibrant fruits and spices with the dominance of chicken a whole wheat in this region.


Chicken Karahi – Fresh ginger and green chilies create a unique taste from other chicken dishes with garam masala.

Murgh Mussallam – Yogurt marinade is topped off with a rub of fried spices before a whole chicken is baked in the oven inside of a foil packet.

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30 March 2011 Dinner News – Cricket World Cup

India Wins The Match
Both Countries Come Out Winners

Homemade Chicken Shawarma

Pakistan and India played each other in the Cricket World Cup with India winning the match, but both countries coming out winners as relations between the counties appear to be thawing.

Adapted from Chicken Shawarma at See the  28 March Dinner News – Pakistan & India post for side dish and dessert suggestions to accompany this grab and go meal.


Make the Tahini

Making tahini isn’t as straight forward as you would think.  Just trying to grind up sesame seeds leaves you with more husk than paste.  This recipe is for a saucy version and not a “store for later” stiffer mix.

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28 March Dinner News – Pakistan & India

Cricket Match
Bringing Hope

High level officials of Pakistan and India are meeting today ahead of the Cricket World Cup match where the two countries will face off with both Prime Ministers in attendance. As the peace talks seem to be gaining traction let’s take an evening to enjoy the culture of these neighbors and prepare a Falooda for your next sporting celebration.

Falooda with a cherry on top

Prepare your Falooda for the post-match celebration

The Meal


Beef Curry with Basmati Rice – No curry paste here… mix from scratch way to learn to build a curry.

Masala Roasted Chicken Kurma – Tomato gravy with raisins, nuts, and herbs.

Kerala Fish Biryani – Curry leaves and Fish Masala powder can be found at asian and middle eastern markets or online.  Great recipe for building a pantry that can make a continent worth of recipes.

Side Dish

Dahi Baray – Daal fritters soaked in yogurt and garnished with your choice of chutney and masala.

Phool Gobhi Salad – Cabbage, carrot, and peanuts.

Raita – Yogurt and vegetable salad sometimes used as a condiment.


Gulab Jamun – Sweet fried balls milk balls in cardamom and rose-water syrup.

Falooda – Ice cream float with optional jello cubes and fruit… but also contains pasta… a must try!

The Chatter

Air force on alert as India gears up for mother of all matches (Guardian)
India, Pakistan in talks ahead of ‘cricket diplomacy’ summit (CNN)
Hope cricket can bring India and Pakistan closer: Lorgat (Hindustan Times)
EDITORIAL: Cricket mania and borderline hysteria (Daily Times)

(Falooda image taken by Ashwin Kumar and used by Creative Commons)

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