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Brunch News Sunday – Käsewähe

Finished tart for two

Ease into the week with a tart that is cheesier than the average quiche and easily customized with your choice of bacon and onion.

It looks like a simple combination, but there are many options on this theme to play with… Spanish onions, turkey bacon, and a rich Emmental? Sweet Vidalia / Walla Walla, thick cut applewood bacon, and a local smoked Swiss? I used a double smoked hickory bacon with a plain swiss and some baby Vidalia, but the combinations are endless.

The original recipe calls for a single tart pan with a removable bottom, but I decided to make it more leftover friendly by creating two 2-person serving size dishes. With a bright leafy salad or fresh fruit cup it makes a relaxing meal. If you would like to use this as a starter for dinner some regional suggested dishes can be found in the Fat Tuesday 2011 in Switzerland post.


Ingredients for the crust, filling, and custard.

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World Water Day 2011 ~ Baltic Sea Day

World Water Day 2011

Tour the Baltic from your Dinner Table

Tonight is both World Water Day and Baltic Sea Day in Russia.  When I have thought of the Baltic I have thought of borscht, not windmills.  There is a rich diversity along this coastline to bring to your dinner table:

The Meal


Estonia – Taidetud Vasikarind – Stuffed shoulder of veal.

Poland – Zrazy Losos i Krab – Salmon and crab pinwheels.

Sweden – fiskgryta – Fish stew with celeriac, leeks, tomatoes, shrimp and fish fillet.

Russia – Kaliningrad – Konigsberger Klopse – Meatballs and potatoes in a cream sauce.

Side Dish

Latvia – Saldskaaba Maize – Sourdough rye bread.

Lithuania – Lasineciai – Bacon onion buns.

Germany – Beet Relish


Finland – Pannukakku – Baked pancake.

Denmark – Rødgrød med Fløde – Red berry pudding with cream.

Russia – St. Petersburg – Sirniki – Cheese pancakes served with jam.

The View

Virtual Tour of the Eastern Baltic – beautiful coastline photo tour.

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Fat Tuesday 2011 in Switzerland

de drey scheenschte dääge, “the three best days in the year”

Bacon Onion Tart

Zwiebelwähe - Swiss Bacon Onion Tart

The Meal

If you can’t get to Rio or New Orleans there are all sorts of places around the world to get your pre-Lent party on. Of all the options Switzerland did not come to mind, but across the internet there is a plethora of information on the customs and culture of Mardi Gras in Switzerland.

Similar to the volunteer organizations that tend the Rose Parade floats in California year in and year out, small clubs throughout the Catholic Cantons (states) of Switzerland meet to plan and create elaborate papier-mâché masks and costumes for months.  All of the work culminates in 72 hours of parades and parties filled with merriment and great food:


Saucisson de Lyon brioché – Sausage wrapped in a sugared dough isn’t specific to just the Fasnacht festival, but with all of the onion cheesy goodness to  follow you may have a meat eater to feed.

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