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Snacking Saturday – Sweet Potato Blueberry Bar

Basket of Bars

Basket of Bars to Begin the Picnic Season

As the weather turns warm our picnic basket is starting to call. My taste buds have wandered back to my post on healthy school lunches for an addition to a gluten-free brownie recipe I stumbled on this week. This recipe went together quickly and makes for a sweet new combination of flavors to ride along in the picnic basket with gluten-free brownies!

Recipes for Healthy Kids

Voting is still open through the month of May

The USDA is hosting a contest for school lunch programs around the country to encourage healthier options that can fit within school district budgets. 340 recipes were submitted ranging from bean soups to whole grain pasta salads to tasty tater tot alternatives.



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Snacking Saturday – Meat & Potato Libyan Style

Mubatan Batata

Final Product

Dinner for 2 and leftover filling

Saturday is always the “on-the-go” day in our house.  Left to the “last minute” monster it would be leftovers or fast food.  We found Mb’atten to be easy to make, tasty after reheating and very very filling.

This recipe puts some quantities behind the description given on the Temehu page for Libyan Food and slightly a different mix than the Mubatan Batata post over at visually stunning blog Libyan Food… not to mention the “growth potential” I have in photography :-)!

This recipe will provide a hearty dinner for 2 or a hearty addition to a picnic for 4 with 2 serving options:

Finger Food – Stop with just the potatoes for a sporting-event-watching food.

Bathed in Tomato Sauce – Easy to reheat later and placed in tin foil could also be taken to a picnic and heated on the grill.

If you are a more visual person complete step by step can be found in my Mubatan Batata set on Flickr.

Meal suggestions to accompany this dish can be found in the post on the Dinner News of Southern Libya.


Collage of Ingredients

8 small potatoes
Oil of choice for stove top pan frying.

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