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National Egg Salad Week – Tour d’ America

National Egg Salad Week – Tour d’ America

Welcome to a week-long celebration of all things egg… peel back the shells and enjoy some new ways to have an egg-cellent meal.

Monday – Dessert First – Cadbury Deviled Eggs
Tuesday – Devilish DishesInside Out Deviled Eggs
Wednesday – Entrée EntriesScotch Eggs
Thursday – Global OvalsBauernsalat
Friday – Tour d’ AmericaPittsburgh Maurice Salad

Chef Style Maurice Salad with Tangy Cream Dressing

Chef Style Maurice Salad with Tangy Cream Dressing

Georgia – Better than Augusta – Great story and pictures from a trip to the Masters golf tournament and the homemade egg salad follow-up… who knew the food was sooo cheap at the Masters!

Indiana – Extraordinary Egg Salad for One – bacon and onion salad at the end of a humorous look at the autor’s egg salad eduction.

Illinois – Italian Egg Salad – U of I Extension post from 2010 Egg Week celebration.

California – Purse Eggstacy Egg Salad – From Euro Pane restaurant in Pasadena.  Sun Dried Tomato, pesto and chives.

Seattle – Deviled Eggs with Smoked Salmon and cucumber with paprika.

Pittsburgh – Maurice Salad – From the menu of the William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh.  Named for a former band leader this creamy dressing has a pepper jelly kick.


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Snacking Saturday – Hawaiian Potato Mac

Potato Mac

Fusion of Macaroni and Potato Salad... with Cucumber

Last month’s volcano post (7 March 2011 Dinner News – Hawaiian Volcano) suggested a home luau that included this Potato-Mac Salad recipe from Aloha World.

The weather is starting to turn from hearth-side to picnic here so I gave this a try to rave reviews!



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30 March 2011 Dinner News – Cricket World Cup

India Wins The Match
Both Countries Come Out Winners

Homemade Chicken Shawarma

Pakistan and India played each other in the Cricket World Cup with India winning the match, but both countries coming out winners as relations between the counties appear to be thawing.

Adapted from Chicken Shawarma at See the  28 March Dinner News – Pakistan & India post for side dish and dessert suggestions to accompany this grab and go meal.


Make the Tahini

Making tahini isn’t as straight forward as you would think.  Just trying to grind up sesame seeds leaves you with more husk than paste.  This recipe is for a saucy version and not a “store for later” stiffer mix.

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9 March 2011 Dinner News – Sendai, Japan

Earthquakes Cluster in Northern Japan

Looking past the Iron Chefs and local Sushi parlors that have become part of the suburban experience around the world, take a night to visit the mountains and shore of Iwate Prefecture and bring the culture of rural Japan to your dinner table. This prefecture is known for it’s bountiful harbors, beautiful mountains, and soba noodle eating competitions:

A Trip to Iwate (Iwate Prefecture Tourism Portal Site)
Iwate Photos (Trek Earth)
Various foods from mountains and villages – Morioka, Iwate (Adventure Japan)

When planning a fundraiser for the victims or explaining to your children what life is like in the effected area consider some of the following dishes or hosting your own dinner table Wanko Soba competition. {Updated 11 March 2011 after 2nd round of earthquakes}

Host your own Wanko Soba competition

Wanko Soba

When eating at a noodle shop in this prefecture you can purchase a set number of small bowls with individual servings of soba noodles and a variety of condiments that vary per restaurant.  You may also choose to have a competition at your table as seen in the above picture.

Wearing the apron and winning the competition – remember that 15 bowls of Wanko is equal to 1 bowl at a regular soba shop

Miso Soup – step by step instructions with good photos and condiment suggestions for Miso in general.

Condiments – Tuna-Sashimi (raw fish). chicken or mushrooms with grated radish, grated yam, thin slivers of dried seaweed, green onion slices are among the options but the selection is almost limitless!

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7 March 2011 Dinner News – Hawaiian Volcano

Kilauea Volcano
Pu’u O’o crater floor collapses

Digging a pit and cooking a whole Kalua pig in the backyard may not be practical, but thanks to the wonder of the internet you can find scaled down dishes to bridge the distance and share both celebration and common daily Hawaiian dishes at home.

Hawaiian Dinner You Can Make At Home

Discuss the volcano gods over dinner at your house tonight

(Lomi lomi, kalua pig & mac salad @ Ogo’s – Some rights reserved by kylehase)

The Meal


Hawaiian or Mainland Laulau (Aloha Friends Luau)

Chicken, pork and fish wrapped in ti, luau or banana leaves and steamed.

Kalua Pig in Slow Cooker (

No pit in the backyard required!

Side Dishes

Lomi Lomi Salmon (Tyler Florence, Food Network)

Do you like lox on your bagels? That’s the best question I can think of to describe if this recipe is for your family.

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