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8 March 2011 Dinner News – Southern Libya

Tagluella being cooked

The Meal

The food of the Sahara revolves around that which can be easily carried (millet and other grains) and the milk of goats and camels.  In Nalut they are creating a new tradition by holding a Spring Festival the past 5+ years to raise funds to restore the ancient castle and revive the culture of the area. Ghat also has a festival and the EWP Tour Company provides the following description of what to expect a day in food to look like:

Fresh food, vegetables and fruitsare readily available in most Libyan settlements. Breakfasts in thedesert are generally fresh bread(local bread is excellent) with butter, cheese, jam or honey. A choice of hot drinks is available. Lunch is a mix of cold vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, olives, tomato and beans withtuna or sardines and cold boiled eggs. Fruit juice and tea are alsoprovided. After an evening coffee or tea with nuts and biscuits comes a three course supper of soup then a meal of potato, rice, kus-kus or pasta with vegetables and meat (often camel meat). Vegetarians would be provided with extra beans. Lastly some fruit salad and tea are served.
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A single barley flour mound in a pool of tomato sauce that can have any variety of available meats and most likely potatoes and hard boiled eggs.  It can also be served as dumplings in a stew for more of a family style presentation.

Millet Porridge With Dates

Millet is boiled with water to make a pap and eaten with milk or a heavy sauce. Wikipedia likens it to dishes of similar style but ugali (cornmeal) and fufu (yams). There are many Chinese and Indian varieties, but a  dates are one of the foods of this region. In the US Red Mill does sell Hulled Millet commercially in many supermarkets.

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