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River Watch Week – BBQ Byway

River Watch Week – BBQ Byway

With the Army Corps of Engineers blasting levees and flooding over 100,000 acres of land I wanted to bring everyone along on a tour of the affected areas… from Cairo, Illinois to Louisiana this spring is bringing rain 300% above normal already.

Monday – Memphis District MunchiesElvis Meatloaf
Tuesday – Vicksburg District Vittles – Mississippi River Chicken & Dumplings
Wednesday – New Orleans District Nosh
Thursday – BBQ Byway
Fishy Friday River Style

The Shack sandwich from Arkansas

Bring the taste of The Shack from Arkansas to your house.

Today I wanted to give you some suggestions from both ends of this flood with a BBQ focus.  Some are straight sauces while others are “different” dishes.  Many of these could be used to serve a tasting menu of several different styles with each person getting one rib of each style.


Regional Lists

Bill’s Barbeque – Tour of the Southeastern US differences in sauce.

Southern Cooking by State – Quick category page to search the region on

Favorite Barbecue Sauce Recipes – Mega list of recipes from around the web. Only one is on the below list.


Owensboro Mutton Barbecue Sauce makes for a good flavor base for Burgoo, the traditional western Kentucky stew rich with vegetables and bold flavors.

Western Kentucky Pork Barbecue Sauce – Ketchup with dry mustard and other spices.

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Fishy Friday Dinner News – Good Friday Fish Pie

Individual Mariner Pies to start the Easter weekend.

Today we are swimming up-stream to finish Lent with a Mariner Pie twist to Shepherd Pie. To avoid a Maudy meal I made the Fish Pie from 21 April 2011 Dinner News – Holy Gründonnerstag Food Fest with some adaptations to a more British take on savory “pie.”



Break Down

chop parsley, peel and dice potato, and grate cheese


Single layer of fish covered in milk baked for 15 minutes at 350

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19 April 2011 Dinner News – Idaho Silver Mines

Huckleberry Pie

Enjoy the "other" state food - the Huckleberry

The rescue effort continues for a trapped miner in the panhandle section of Idaho.  Today the effort shifted from digging out to boring a rescue shaft.  As our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and rescue workers we turned our dinner table into an exploration of Idaho.  More than potato a rich agri- and aqua-culture resides in the mountains and rivers of this great state.

The Menu


Smoked Trout Skewers – Creative recipe to use herbs to smoke the state fish of Idaho.

Idaho Burrito – From the Bazine High School Cookbook.  Substitutes mashed potatoes for refried beans in a simple, economic burrito recipe.

Idaho Style Finger Steaks – Deep fried steak nuggets dipped in ranch or honey mustard.

Side Dish

Idaho Potato Souffle – Twice baked recipe from the Idaho Potato Commission.

Green Goddess Green Beans – Boiled beans tossed in a mayo based sauce from the Idaho Bean Commission.

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