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River Watch Week – Memphis District Munchies

River Watch Week – Memphis District Munchies

With the Army Corps of Engineers taking the Flood Fight 2011 – Operation Watershed downriver we will take a culinary tour of the affected areas:

Monday – Memphis District Munchies – Elvis Meatloaf
Tuesday – Vicksburg District Vittles – Mississippi River Chicken & Dumplings
Wednesday – New Orleans District Nosh
Thursday – BBQ Byway
Fishy Friday River Style

Elvis Meatloaf Lunch

Elvis meatloaf with a Paula Dean twist for a light and cheesy lunch.

From Cairo, Illinois in the North to the mouth of the White River in Arkansas the Army Corps of Engineers Memphis District is the center of  as levees are blasted and the Mississippi spills from its banks.  Here are some suggestions on local fare you might find as you travel the Great River Road.


Regional Recipe Guides

Southern Illinois Outdoor Magazine

Elvis Recipe Postcard Collection – 13 recipes published as a series.  There are other places on the web that the recipes are easier to read, but this is the only place that may have all of them in one place.


Cheeseburger Meatloaf and Sauce – Paula Dean’s spin on Elvis’ recipe.

Slow Cooker Rotisserie Style Memphis Chicken – Spiced whole chicken cooked dry on aluminum foil balls in a slow cooker.

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National Egg Salad Week – Bauernsalat

Welcome to a week-long celebration of all things egg… peel back the shells and enjoy some new ways to have an egg-cellent meal.

Monday – Dessert First – Cadbury Deviled Eggs
Tuesday – Devilish Dishes – Inside Out Deviled Eggs
Wednesday – Entrée Entries – Scotch Eggs
Thursday – Global Ovals – Bauernsalat
Friday – Tour d’ America – Pittsburgh Maurice Salad

Light spices and thin sauce let the diverse flavors shine.

Light spices and thin sauce let the diverse flavors shine.

The original author had this German Farmer’s Salad (Bauernsalat) on Christmas Eve while visiting her mother.  Try and make this at least a day ahead as the sauce was very light, not even noticeable the first day, but on the second day it melds into a nice balance. I was able to find imported German bologna at my local Wal-Mart Superstore, but not my local grocery store or butcher shop. This is a very large recipe and could easily be split down several times.




Dice bologna, gouda and onions

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30 March 2011 Dinner News – Cricket World Cup

India Wins The Match
Both Countries Come Out Winners

Homemade Chicken Shawarma

Pakistan and India played each other in the Cricket World Cup with India winning the match, but both countries coming out winners as relations between the counties appear to be thawing.

Adapted from Chicken Shawarma at See the  28 March Dinner News – Pakistan & India post for side dish and dessert suggestions to accompany this grab and go meal.


Make the Tahini

Making tahini isn’t as straight forward as you would think.  Just trying to grind up sesame seeds leaves you with more husk than paste.  This recipe is for a saucy version and not a “store for later” stiffer mix.

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