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River Watch Week – New Orleans District Nosh

River Watch Week – New Orleans District Nosh

With the Army Corps of Engineers taking the Flood Fight 2011 – Operation Watershed downriver we will take a culinary tour of the affected areas:

Monday – Memphis District Munchies – Elvis Meatloaf
Tuesday – Vicksburg District Vittles – Mississippi River Chicken & Dumplings
Wednesday – New Orleans District Nosh
Thursday – BBQ Byway
Fishy Friday River Style

Cheese Grits makes a soft landing for the bold regional flavors.

Cheese Grits makes a soft landing for the bold regional flavors.

Here are some city classics and country favorites to add to your dinner plan on days you crave upscale creole as well as those you need down home comfort Cajun.


Creole vs. Cajun

The Roots of Cajun and Creole Cuisine – There are no quick listings of the difference… it’s a history lesson… but worth the read.

John Besh’s Creole Seasoning – great combination that is light on salt.

Grillades: Cajun vs. Creole – Nice explanation of how this dish differs from North to South and from back woods to country fair.


Crawfish Etouffee – works for shrimp as well.

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14 March 2011 Dinner News – Pi Day


Pi Plate for sale on Amazon has the perfect plate for the day


Exploratorium (San Fransisco, CA) – The birthplace of the holiday
Geek Freak Weekend (Princeton, NJ) – The birthplace of Einstein
Pi Across America – word problems and suggested classroom activities
Morton Seakhouse – Key Lime Pie for $3.14 today, normally $10.50


Happy Half Tau Day! – Radius’ have their fans too… they use Tau instead… competing merchandise is available… but no recipes.
On Pi Day, is ‘pi’ under attack? ( – Link to the “What pi sounds like” video.

Collections of Recipes

Celebrating The Pies Of March (NPR) – Pizza on a pie crust anyone?
10 Delicious Pies For Pi Day! ( – including a breakfast pie.
Pi Day: Ten Fave Vegan Pies! ( – Fruit, custard, cream, and mousse goodies.
Science Blog 2010 Pie Day Contest Winners

Try some of these options to celebrate Pi all day long:


Greek Lamb Pie (
Shrimp Pie (
Cupcake Tin Pork Pie (
Vegan Seven Layer Tortilla Pie (

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