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River Watch Week – New Orleans District Nosh

River Watch Week – New Orleans District Nosh

With the Army Corps of Engineers taking the Flood Fight 2011 – Operation Watershed downriver we will take a culinary tour of the affected areas:

Monday – Memphis District Munchies – Elvis Meatloaf
Tuesday – Vicksburg District Vittles – Mississippi River Chicken & Dumplings
Wednesday – New Orleans District Nosh
Thursday – BBQ Byway
Fishy Friday River Style

Cheese Grits makes a soft landing for the bold regional flavors.

Cheese Grits makes a soft landing for the bold regional flavors.

Here are some city classics and country favorites to add to your dinner plan on days you crave upscale creole as well as those you need down home comfort Cajun.


Creole vs. Cajun

The Roots of Cajun and Creole Cuisine – There are no quick listings of the difference… it’s a history lesson… but worth the read.

John Besh’s Creole Seasoning – great combination that is light on salt.

Grillades: Cajun vs. Creole – Nice explanation of how this dish differs from North to South and from back woods to country fair.


Crawfish Etouffee – works for shrimp as well.

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National Egg Salad Week – Scotch Eggs

National Egg Salad Week – Scotch Eggs

Welcome to a week-long celebration of all things egg… peel back the shells and enjoy some new ways to have an egg-cellent meal.

Monday – Dessert First – Cadbury Deviled Eggs
Tuesday – Devilish Dishes – Inside Out Deviled Eggs
Wednesday – Entrée Entries – Scotch Eggs
Thursday – Global Ovals – Bauernsalat
Friday – Tour d’ America – Pittsburgh Maurice Salad

Finished Scotch Eggs

Blanket your Easter eggs in the sausage of your choice.

British street food makes for a great mid-week grab and go option that can feature other DIY food projects.  I used my own mild Italian sausage mix and bread crumbs from leftover whole wheat Easter dinner rolls.  If you use a commercial sausage they will have a higher fat content, more shrinkage away from the egg and look like the original recipe at Scotland’s Enchanted Kingdom. To create a scotch egg that is not made of grey mystery meat may go against tradition (Consider the Scotch Egg) but makes for a tastier nosh.



Stations of  the Bread

Fry (or Bake)

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25 March 2011 Dinner News – Syria



Start dinner with a Mezze that includes Kofta

The Meal


This can be an elaborate spread of forty or fifty hors d’oeuvres or simply a salad and a bowl of nuts. But it is always a social occasion when friends and family gather to enjoy appetizers and conversation before lunch and dinner.

The Wikipedia article provides a good list of dishes that may be served at mezze.

Over on they provide recipes for Hot Spiced Cheese Goreme, Fattoush Salad, Lamb Koftas, and Warm Roasted Olives with Preserved Lemons.


Rishta – Noodles, lentils and tomato (this will be our dinner tonight and the play-by-play will be a future post)

Sambusak – Triangle filled turnovers.  This recipe provides both options for chickpeas and meat filling.

Chicken Shawarma – Like a gyro… like a taco… folded bread, meat and veggies with a variety of spices. Lamb would also be a common option.

Sujuk – two-part video recipe showing how to make these sausages without casing.


Ba’lawaBaklava – This is Alton Brown’s version, I have made it several times and it is easy to make. Browse through the travel photo links below to see amazing piles of different shaped versions.

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