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River Watch Week – BBQ Byway

River Watch Week – BBQ Byway

With the Army Corps of Engineers blasting levees and flooding over 100,000 acres of land I wanted to bring everyone along on a tour of the affected areas… from Cairo, Illinois to Louisiana this spring is bringing rain 300% above normal already.

Monday – Memphis District MunchiesElvis Meatloaf
Tuesday – Vicksburg District Vittles – Mississippi River Chicken & Dumplings
Wednesday – New Orleans District Nosh
Thursday – BBQ Byway
Fishy Friday River Style

The Shack sandwich from Arkansas

Bring the taste of The Shack from Arkansas to your house.

Today I wanted to give you some suggestions from both ends of this flood with a BBQ focus.  Some are straight sauces while others are “different” dishes.  Many of these could be used to serve a tasting menu of several different styles with each person getting one rib of each style.


Regional Lists

Bill’s Barbeque – Tour of the Southeastern US differences in sauce.

Southern Cooking by State – Quick category page to search the region on

Favorite Barbecue Sauce Recipes – Mega list of recipes from around the web. Only one is on the below list.


Owensboro Mutton Barbecue Sauce makes for a good flavor base for Burgoo, the traditional western Kentucky stew rich with vegetables and bold flavors.

Western Kentucky Pork Barbecue Sauce – Ketchup with dry mustard and other spices.

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National Egg Salad Week – Pittsburgh Maurice Salad

National Egg Salad Week – Pittsburgh Maurice Salad

Welcome to a week-long celebration of all things egg… peel back the shells and enjoy some new ways to have an egg-cellent meal.

Monday – Dessert First – Cadbury Deviled Eggs
Tuesday – Devilish Dishes – Inside Out Deviled Eggs
Wednesday – Entrée Entries – Scotch Eggs
Thursday – Global Ovals – Bauernsalat
Friday – Tour d’ America – Pittsburgh Maurice Salad

Chef style salad with a creamy tang.

Chef style salad with a creamy tang.

Simple chicken and ham elevated by a zesty dressing makes this Pittsburgh staple a great addition to your next salad bar night.  The days of watching yellow slivers of goodness tumble to the bottom of the bowl come to an end by adding the chopped egg to the dressing.


Ingredients for the salad and dressing


saute chicken with salt and pepper.


Dice ham, tomato and mince egg.


Mix dressing and fold in minced egg.

Lessons Learned

Swiss is too mild a cheese to stand up to the smoked ham and pepper jelly.  Next time I would either leave it off or go with a smoked cheese… or I might just be starting a smoked Gouda phase?

Leftover lemon pepper or BBQ chicken would work just as well.

Tomatoes are not in season yet and a nice ripe small local grown (picked ripe not green) would be a great contrast to the tang of the dressing.


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Snacking Saturday – Hawaiian Potato Mac

Potato Mac

Fusion of Macaroni and Potato Salad... with Cucumber

Last month’s volcano post (7 March 2011 Dinner News – Hawaiian Volcano) suggested a home luau that included this Potato-Mac Salad recipe from Aloha World.

The weather is starting to turn from hearth-side to picnic here so I gave this a try to rave reviews!



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